About 3 Flipping Things

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

We are a small but growing larger by the day grassroots organization that is identifying specific actions (aka things) that we can do to restore democracy by electing Democrats (and progressives!) into key offices. We align ourselves with Swing Left’s Super State strategy and work closely with Lean Left VT.

We typically start out with postcard and letter writing efforts, but as the election nears, we’ll begin to identify other high-impact ways to support Democratic candidates in close races. This means phone banks, sending texts, and donating to campaigns. In addition to expanding the ways in which we engage, we also will continue to try to grow our membership through outreach efforts. People who want to get involved can sign up for our notifications of actions at our website http://3flippingthings.org .

We send out one notice a month with three things you can do.

(Note: we will increase to more frequent notices in October.)

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