All Things Flippable…

There are five ways to personally help restore democracy: Get Educated, Give Money, Reach Out to Voters, Grow the Network, and Commit.

Get Educated

  • Come watch  Suppressed, the award-winning documentary about voter suppression during Georgia’s 2018 gubernatorial campaign on February 19th at the Marquis Theater (or any time on YouTube), then learn more about Fair Fight, founded by 2018 Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams to combat voter suppression nationwide, Donate to Fair Fight or to the organization of your choice promoting free and fair elections and access to democracy for all voters!
  • Pick a Fight: Learn more about the Super States and choose a race (or two or three) to focus on.
  • Join the Addison County Swing Left Group ( ), or the Facebook Version of the same group (

Give Money

  • We maintain a page that lists the causes we think are aligned with our mission to do what we can to restore democracy

Reach Out to Voters

  • Come to our letter writing events the third Tuesday of every month at 6:30 PM at the Marquis Theater Cafe in downtown Middlebury. (Note: for this pandemic period, we are suspending our gatherings and moving online!)
  • Learn about opportunities to make phone calls, send texts, canvass, and register voters via Lean Left Vermont and Swing Left

Grow the Network

  • Bring a friend to our next meeting, or send them a link to our connect page and we’ll send them notices of how to get involved.


  • Mark your calendar for the weekend prior to the 2020 election, October 31-Nov 1. There will be lots of on-the-ground efforts that will need support.
  • Register to vote. And remind your family, friends, and neighbors that they need to vote!

Want to suggest something to add to this list? Send me an email at  .

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