October’s 3 Flipping Things: Installment #1

Hey!  Election Day is 3 weeks away. Today’s news suggests that the Republicans are favored in the midterms . This means that it is time to up our game. From here on out, we’ll be sending out a weekly list of actions you can take to help prove the polls wrong. 

1. Donate!
To support New Hampshire Maggie Hassan’s campaign against election denier Don Bolduc (who’s told Hassan to just “Get over it” on the Supreme Court’s June reversal of Roe v. Wade)

– Donate at maggiehassan.com 

Per Cook Political Report9 other races are also critical to Dem control of the Senate in this year’s midterms.

You can donate to
– Catherine Cortez Masto, NV, at catherinecortezmasto.com
– Cheri Beasley, NC, at cheribeasley.com 
– John Fetterman, PA, at johnfetterman.com 
– Mandala Barnes, WI, at mandelabarnes.com 
– Mark Kelly, AZ, at markkelly.com 
– Michael Bennet, CO, at michaelbennet.com 
– Raphael Warnock, GA, at warnockforgeorgia.com 
– Tim Ryan, OH, at timforoh.com 
– Val Demings, FL, at valdemings.com 

2. Knock on Doors

Organize NH has put together a great list of opportunities to support their work. You can help save democracy by going to New Hampshire (or a state of your choosing) and Knock on Doors. Swing Left has a list of all the key states where you can volunteer. We’re also organizing carpools for those who want that.  
Swing Left Sign Up 
Organize NH Sign Up
Carpool from Vermont with 3 Flipping Things

3. Make Phone Calls & Send Texts
Organize NH is organizing phone and text banks that you can do from wherever you are. And while it may seem intimidating to do more than write a letter, it’s learnable. And it gets easier over time.  
This Week’s NH Phone and Text Banks

4. Write Letters with Vote Forward
We know that many of us just love writing letters and postcards. So we add here a bonus fourth thing. Send letters via Vote Forward. It’s pretty simple to make an account, download and print letters, and send them off to voters in need of reminding to get out there before the election is over.  
Download Letters to Write 
5. Explore Even More Options
We gather our ideas from three main sources. They are on top of what’s happening in real time. If you are keen to get your information directly from the source and see what else is going on, join their mailing lists or track them on social media.
Swing Blue Alliance
Lean Left Vermont
Swing Left
We’re researching options for next week. Stay tuned! And please, if you can, roll up your sleeves and get to work. Our democracy is on the ballot! 

Thank you for all that you’ve done so far, and for sticking with us through to the end! We can do this. 


Lorraine, Gaen, Gregor, Erik, Jen, and Mike

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