August’s Three Things: Georgia, New Hampshire, and (a first) Vermont

There are less than 100 days until the 2022 elections end in November. We’re gearing up for the fall campaign season. Here are

August’s 3 Flipping Things

1. Write Letters to Georgia 
We’re working with Vote Forward’s Big Send project to write letters to voters in Georgia. And we are thrilled to offer not only the usual take-out option, but to also invite you to join us at 7 PM on Monday August 15th at the Champlain Valley Unitarian Universalist Society Meeting house to write letters together, just like in the good old days before COVID. You can sign up for both options below.
Sign Up to Write Letters to Georgia Voters
2. Gear Up for New Hampshire in the Fall
We’ve decided to focus our fall efforts on the important races happening in our neighboring state of New Hampshire. We’ll announce what the specific actions we’ve chosen (in consultation with local campaigns!) in September. For now, take a few minutes to read up on the races in New Hampshire and why they matter. 
Learn About New Hampshire Races
3. Support Anna Tadio for Vermont State Senate
This seat is up for grabs, and to preserve the Democratic super-majority in the Senate, we need to keep this seat Blue.
Learn More about Anna Tadio
We hope you can join us on Monday to write letters together. We also look forward to working together in the next three months to organize letter writing, phone calls, canvassing, and fundraising to help keep our country moving in the right direction.  

In solidarity, Gaen, Gregor, Lorraine, Erik, Jen, and Mike

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