July’s Things

Greetings Friends!
We are less than four months away from the mid-term elections.  Right now what progressive candidates need most is money to hire staff, and to build up resources for the fall. To that end, in lieu of writing postcards,  this month we are suggesting that you take the money you would have spent on the postcards and the postage, and contribute that amount (or more if you can)  to one of the good causes we’ve identified. There are many, many critical races in need of financial support! 

July’s 3 Flipping Things

Thing One: Contribute Money to One of our Heroes 
We have a list of organizations that we admire, all of which are currently collecting funds to help support their efforts to restore democracy. These include:

Sister District 
Swing Left 
Lean Left Vermont
The Collective PAC
Vote Forward  
Lead Locally
We Have The People
Learn More and Give
Thing Two: Recruit a Friend, Neighbor, or Relative to Join Us 
We’ll get back to sending postcards (and making calls and texting and canvassing) in August, and we would love to double the number of people on our mailing list. Reach out to your network and let them know that participating in our actions is easy and meaningful. Democracy is a team sport, and more fun when pursued with friends and loved ones!
Send This Link to a Friend
Prepare Letters to Voters via The Big Send 
If what you really want to do is to write to voters, you can do that via Vote Forward’s Big Send efforts. They are aiming to send 10 Million Letters this fall. Easy to follow instructions are on their website.
Sign Up for the Big Send
For those who are keen to get even more active than our monthly calls to action, you might want to join the Lean Left Vermont or  Swing Blue Alliance mailing lists.  Both organizations are doing great work, and have identified approachable ways to make a difference.

We’ll gather in person in August (and also offer take-out options). Until then, please do what you can this month to help build momentum for this most important election.
As always, we want to thank all of you for taking time to work for our democracy!


– Mike, Lorraine, Gaen, Gregor, Erik, and Jen

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