3 Flipping Things: March 2022

Greetings Friends!

With the first primaries of the 2022 mid-term elections now in the rearview mirror, we’re writing to let you know that  here at 3 Flipping Things we will be launching our first set of actions in April. 

Thanks to all of you who responded to our survey this fall. The results underscore the many concerns that bind us together. We are worried about the future of democracy, and the challenges to democracy that arise from gerrymandering and changes to state election laws. We are concerned about climate change, the existential threat it poses to us all, and how its effects are felt unevenly within our country and across the world. We want our government to finally address the long-term effects of systemic racism and the growing income disparity that still plagues our nation. 

In 2020 our work helped to elect Democrats to the presidency, to the senate, and to the house. As we know, mid-term elections historically favor those not in power. There is too much at stake in this moment to let this happen. And our majority is still far too narrow to allow for the passage of the legislation we need to address all of the concerns we have. 

How can you help in March? 

  1. Make a Pledge to Yourself. There are 8 months until the mid-term elections are over. How many letters and postcards will you write? How many phone calls will you make? How many texts will you send? How much money can you commit to donating? How many days can you commit to in-person canvassing this fall? Write it down, or even better, tell a trusted friend what your plan is.
  2. Recruit a Friend to Join Us. We are over 200 people strong in this group, and that allows us to do far more together than any one of us can do on our own. Imagine if we were 400 strong! Pick a relative, friend, co-worker, or neighbor that you think would like to join us, and convince them to sign up for our mailing list (or join our Facebook group or to follow us on Instagram.) https://3flippingthings.org/2019/11/01/the-journey-begins/
  3. Learn about our Heroes. We are on purpose a low-barrier-to-entry group that provides bite-sized, highly curated opportunities to contribute. There are many other groups that are doing even more, and asking more of their members. We’ve made a page of the groups we most admire, with links to how you can get involved in their efforts. https://3flippingthings.org/2022/03/15/heroes/ 

Thank you for being part of this inspiring group. We can’t wait to get going for real in April.

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