October: End Game

Eight days until the election is over! Over 50 million Americans have already voted. This is the final push to Get Out the Vote. Can you spare some time in the next week to help improve the odds that what seems tantalizingly likely actually comes to pass? Here are three easy things you can do this week to help restore democracy.

  1. Call Voters in Key Swing States Learn how to get started via this handy guide to Phonebanking with Reclaim Our Vote, and make some calls. As one friend recently shared “I hate making phone calls but I hate Donald Trump even more.” 

    Call Voters
  2. Text Voters in Key Swing States Lean Left Vermont lists opportunities for the phone shy to send texts (via their system, not your phone)

    Text Voters
  3. Fight Disinformation on Social Media Help ensure voters don’t make decisions based on fake news and disinformation by monitoring social media. Common Cause provides training on how individuals can contribute to this important effort. 

    Sign Up to Fight Disinformation

If none of these excite you, check out Swing Left’s Last Weekends offerings, which has an even larger list of ways you can help in the very few days left until the fate of our nation is decided. I know that I for one do not want to wake up the day after the election to another four years of this monstrous administration knowing that I didn’t do enough to try to prevent this. 

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