September Part 2

Hello everybody! As promised we’re doing double duty in September and October to make our dreams of a Blue Wave become a reality  in 2020. 🌊💪🏽🌊

✬ IMPORTANT ✬  We’re sticking with our format of 3 flipping things, but we are changing the order of priority. Our recommended priority this round is as follows:

1. Act (Call)
2. Give
3. Write

Here’s why: Calling is second only to door-to-door canvassing in terms of effectiveness. Robocalls have been shown to be basically worthless and possibly harmful. But phone calls by real people can increase turnout by 2–3%, which is greater than the margin of votes in many elections. It may not be your favorite thing (it isn’t ours either) but it IS the way you can have the biggest impact.

#1 POSTCARDERS, TIME TO MAKE CALLS! Shifting from postcards to phone calls and texting three weeks before Election Day is a proven effective strategy. It’s easier than it sounds — we promise! Reclaim Our Vote offers support and training to get you prepared to do this important work and take your activism to the next level.

#2 GIVE!  We exceeded both of our goals for Senate Races in the Swing States of Colorado and Maine. THANK YOU! We are now focusing on the biggest race of them all.  Let’s raise $1,000 before the end of September to help Joe Biden trounce Donald Trump on Nov 3rd. 

#3 WRITE MORE POSTCARDS! Together we sent over 30,000 letters and postcards since we started last November!! ✊🏽We’re so grateful for this energized and committed community. Sign Up Today to send postcards to get out the vote in GEORGIA. Please get your order in by Friday, September 18th. Suggested donation: $3 per packet of 20 postcards + labels, to cover costs. 


Vote Forward is partnering up with the cast of Hamilton and members of The Big Send coalition to launch a week-long letter writing challenge. Mon 9/21, 7:30 – 8:30pm
Want to make sure we win the White House, flip the Senate and turn key state races blue, and that every American can cast their ballots this year? Volunteer on The Last Weekends before the 2020 election. It’s how we took back the House in 2018. And it’s how we’ll win this year. Sign up and promote The Last Weekends.
Election 2020 Virtual Activism Workshop (presented by Swing Left Boston)
In Election 2020 Virtual Activism workshop, Janet Singer and Lisa Stapleton will cover the state of the race, the Swing Left strategy, tactics, and making your personal activism plan. 3 dates in Sept-Oct. 

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