3 Things for September

Hello everybody! It’s officially the fall of 2020, and things are getting intense. We’re doubling our efforts in the months leading up to Nov 4.  There’s a lot on the line.

✬ An important change for this month ✬  We won’t be accepting donations towards postcards supplies or other costs. Instead, we suggest you focus any contributions towards one of the GIVE options below.

Here are the 3 things for September: 

  1. Give, Again! We EXCEEDED our goal of raising $1000 for our fund, “Elect Sarah Gideon, Remove Susan Collins, and Flip the Senate.” And thanks to your generosity, we are well on our way to our new goal of $2000 for Sarah Gideon! We’re continuing to focus on flipping the Senate, with a new campaign focusing on Colorado, another important Senate race. Please contribute what you can to help John Hickenlooper (D) beat the Republican incumbent Cory Gardener.
  1. Write More Postcards! Together we sent out over 6,000 postcards in August, another new record! This brings our total to over 16,000. Let’s keep it up. Sign Up Today to send postcards to register voters and get out the vote in key swing states. Please sign up by Friday, September 4th.

3. Become a voter protection hotline volunteer for NC!  Registering and voting with relative ease and having our vote count is something that Vermonters take for granted. Voters in other states face many obstacles.  Add in COVID-19 and voting goes from hard to scary.   

One of the most important actions is to be a Voter Protection Hotline volunteer, which voters can call to get help with registration, voting by mail, polling locations, etc. 

Lean Left Vermont is hosting an event for the NC Democrats on Sept 9. Please note that this is not a training per se but rather a Q&A based on materials that will be sent out in advance of the session. You will need to make an upfront investment to learn voting information and the technology but it will be well worth it! and you’ll be helping voters in the swing state of NC.


Do you have questions about how to vote by mail, or deadlines to request an absentee ballot? Or how to find out if you’re registered? Or, do you know people looking for this information?  Check out this guide from theSkimm that covers all the states in the U.S. 

Please forward this information to your friends, relatives, and neighbors. Let’s go!

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