3 Things for August

It’s August. There are fewer than 100 days until the election. Here are the 3 things for this month:

#1 Give! Donate to our new “Elect Sarah Gideon, Remove Susan Collins, and Flip the Senate” fund. We’ve set the goal of raising $1,000 by the end of August. Please give $25 – more if you can – and encourage your friends and relatives to do the same. Ridding Susan Collins from the Senate is a good unto itself, but flipping the Senate is critical for 2020.

#2 Write More Postcards! Last month we sent out over 3,500 postcards, a new record! With an influx of new members, let’s try to make August the biggest month ever. Sign Up Today to send postcards to register voters and get out the vote in key swing states. As with past months, we’ll send an email out to people who sign up when the packets are ready for pick up.

#3 Get Trained to Make Phone Calls and Send Texts! Our friends at Lean Left Vermont are running a Resistance Boot Camp all this month where you can learn new skills and apply them to important races and to getting out the vote in key states. The training is every Monday in August and lasts 1.5 hours. Come September when we plan to get even more active, you’ll be glad you took the time in August to learn. 

When we started planning our work last year, we knew that the stakes in the 2020 election were high. We knew that our democracy was in trouble, and that we had to do all that we could to try to restore it. How we underestimated things. We now face a moment in our history where the choices we make in this election will profoundly shape our precarious future. How will we recover from this pandemic? How will we confront the deep-seated systemic racism that undermines our claims to democracy and inflicts bodily and emotional harm on the most vulnerable amongst us? How will we enact the necessary changes that global climate change necessitates? It begins in the ballot box. 

Barack Obama during his eulogy for John Lewis said:

John Lewis devoted his time on this Earth fighting the very attacks on democracy and what’s best in America that we are seeing circulate right now.He knew that every single one of us has a God-given power. And that the fate of this democracy depends on how we use it; that democracy isn’t automatic, it has to be nurtured, it has to be tended to, we have to work at it, it’s hard. And so he knew it depends on whether we summon a measure, just a measure, of John’s moral courage to question what’s right and what’s wrong and call things as they are. He said that as long as he had breath in his body, he would do everything he could to preserve this democracy. That as long as we have breath in our bodies, we have to continue his cause. If we want our children to grow up in a democracy — not just with elections, but a true democracy, a representative democracy, a big-hearted, tolerant, vibrant, inclusive America of perpetual self-creation — then we are going to have to be more like John. We don’t have to do all the things he had to do because he did them for us. But we have got to do something. 

We know that we can’t simply sit by and hope that it will all work out. In the last year we have done a great deal of important work writing to voters across this country, and we should celebrate that. The next three months are our chance to make even more of a difference. 

Let’s go!

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