July’s Three Things!

Hello everybody! We had MAJOR turnout for our June postcard mailing, thanks to all of you. Together our small but mighty group sent 3000 postcards to voters in the swing state of North Carolina, doubling our output from last month. YES!

And now, it’s July. There are four months until the election on November 3. It’s time to pump up the volume. 

Here are 3 Things You Can Do to help restore democracy this month:

  1. Sign Up to write more postcards to swing states
    We’ll be sending more postcards to de-registered voters. This month’s mailing will include both Arizona and North Carolina. This month however, there’s a catch
    • We just got word that the postcards for Arizona have to be turned around very quickly: they’ll be ready for pick up Wed evening 7/15  and have to be mailed by Saturday 7/18. Can you help with this? If yes, please sign up here within 24 hours: https://bit.ly/3flippingthingsTakeOut and indicate you are ready to help on the AZ campaign! It’s critical that we know you can meet this timeline within 24 hours so we know how many names to accept. 
    • If you can’t make that deadline but still want to help, sign up for North Carolina postcards. They’ll  be available at the end of the week; we’ll notify you when  ready. Same link: https://bit.ly/3flippingthingsTakeOut 
  1. Get trained to phonebank in Maine (another swing state)
    Join in to call Maine voters and help us get ready to oust Susan Collins! It’s all very easy – no persuasion required – just listening to voter issues, identifying support for candidates and cleaning up the list. For new volunteers, we’ll review the script and learn how to use the List Fixer dialer. Feedback from these calls will help the Maine Dems hone their anti-Collins messaging and have a stronger list for getting out the vote. Training is offered at multiple dates and  times. Learn More

  2. Complete our 3 Flipping Things survey
    As we get closer to the election we plan to pick up the  We’ll continue with voter registration and voting pledges, but we want to add other action to our roster, and we’d like to hear from you in terms of what things you’d like to participate in. Here’s your chance!  Take the Survey

You don’t need us to tell you how important this election is. Thanks for joining us in this fight!

Lorraine, Gaen, and Mike

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