Our progress to date ⭐️ 🚀


Letters/postcards mailed


Active participants


Funds raised for key races


We hit a new record and sent out 8,000 postcards to help Texan voters understand their early voting options, raised over $1,000 to support John Hickenlooper’s efforts to win a seat in the US Senate in Colorado, and pushed our efforts to support Sara Gideon over the $2,000 mark . And so far we’ve raised $1575 for Joe Biden and are on our way to raising over $1K for Mark Kelly. The best part? Many many different Vermont towns are represented. Thank you, Vermonters! 💚


We sent out 6,000 postcards to voters in Texas and North Carolina, informing them about early voting options, and in our first forray into fundraising, raised over $1,500 to support Democrat Mainer Sara Gideon’s bid for the US Senate.


We passed the 10,000 mark by sending out another 3,500 postcards to Arizona and North Carolina. We also added 50 new people to our mailing list as a result of some nice publicity in the Addison Independent.


Wow! We thought last month was big, but we doubled our numbers again. Thanks to all who pitched in to send 3000 Reclaim our Vote postcards to voters in Cumberland County, NC asking them pledge to vote on November 3rd. This effort was made possible through a partnership with Lean Left Vermont and the North Carolina NAACP.


In our new take out format, we hit an all-time high, and sent over 1,500 Reclaim our Vote postcards to deregistered voters in North Carolina and Texas. Thanks, everyone!


With the onset of the pandemic, we went virtual. We created an easy-to-use “take-out activism” system and together we sent out 650 postcards to the good people of Arizona and North Carolina, urging them to make sure that their voter registration was not revoked.


February 19th, 2020. Over 50 people gathered to watch “Suppressed: The Right to Vote” (which you can watch via YouTube ), the infuriating story of voter suppression in the 2016 Georgia elections. We then channeled our outrage into something useful by writing 400 postcards to de-registered voters in Alabama.


January 15th, 2020. Nearly 40 people showed up this time and made short work of writing 300 personalized voter registration packets to prospective voters in Georgia, reviewed the Swing Left Strategy, and talked up the other 2 flipping things for January. Our running total of letters sent is now 1,100!


DECEMBER 18, 2019. We sent 300 personalized voter registration packets to prospective voters in Texas and 150 personalized packets to prospective voters in North Carolina. We had fun, drank beer, and chatted with friends. We watched a few snippets of the House Impeachment vote, being held that very night (then we switched and listened to Barack Obama’s summer 2019 playlist on Spotify! Sadly, much more inspiring!)


NOVEMBER 20, 2019.  1 year to the 2020 election kick-off! We gathered at the Marquis in Middlebury, watched a strategy video, heard from Ann @ Lean Left Vermont and then got to work drinking beer and writing 350 personal letters and sent voter registration forms to unregistered voters in North Carolina. IT WAS FUN. ✍🏽💪🍻

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