June Action ✅

Hey! It’s June. We are in a moment, aren’t we? There are five months until the election on November 3. It’s time to pick up the pace. So far, since last November, we have collectively sent out over 4,000 letters and postcards. And last month we sent out 1,500 postcards. Worried that spending energy on getting out the vote isn’t an adequate response to this moment? Please read Stacey Abram’s recent article “I Know Voting Feels Inadequate Right Now.”

For June, we offer the following 3 Things You Can Do to help restore democracy and commit to an antiracist agenda.

  1. Sign Up to Write More Postcards
    We’ll be sending more postcards out to de-registered voters. Sign up to pick up a packet and we’ll notify you when it’s ready. Order take out at https://bit.ly/3flippingthingsTakeOut by June 18th. Suggested donation is $4 per 20 postcards (including labels, addresses, and instructions).
  2. Convince a friend to join us
    Restoring democracy is a team sport. Find a friend that you would like to work with, and ask them to help out. Send them to https://3flippingthings.org/connect/ and they can choose how to stay informed and get involved.
  3. Commit to give what you can
    Elections need money to hire staff, pay for ads, and (maybe someday) travel. Pick a candidate or a cause, figure out what you can afford to give, and donate. We’re curating a list of good ways to financially contribute at https://3flippingthings.org/2019/11/01/give/ 

It’s probably not necessary to remind you why this may be the most important election of our life times, so let’s just say that what we choose to do in the next 150 days will profoundly shape our futures in so many ways: how we recover from this pandemic, how we confront our economic inequality and institutional racism, how we grapple with our changing climate. Please join us in picking up the pace and building our numbers as through these small actions we collectively work to restore democracy during these most difficult times. 

Lorraine, Gaen, and Mike

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